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Is There A Catalog/Pricelist Available?

    Yes, we have Catalog/Pricelist for our wholesale and retailors, if you need the Catalog/Pricelist, please feel free to contact with our staff, we ... more info

Can Your Cellphone Be Used In My Country?

    Please pay attention to the band of cellphone,some kinds of cellphone may can not be used in your country.The band means the frequency that cellphone ... more info

TV Standard in different countires

    Different TV Systems of all countries and territories Continent Standard Countries/Territories Africa PAL B Cape Verde PAL B Equatorial Guinea PAL B ... more info

Why Can't My Phones/Pc be Connected with Internet with Wi-Fi?

    Sometimes the wireless strength in your local area may be too weak for your WiFi device to connect automatically to the Internet. In these cases, we ... more info

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